Warts Itch

When you have a virus, you can have growths that appear on the skin which are called warts. These are quite common and most of the time they are harmless. Most individuals will get at least one wart during their life.

Are They itchy?

It is common for warts to itch but not all of them are going to itch. they are usually just irritated and dry skin and not a sign or something more serious. The itching that a wart creates can usually be treated quite successfully.

Why Do They Itch?

When you get a wart on the skin it is usually from exposure to what we HPV or human papillomavirus. there are many ways that this can occur such as being in a locker room, group shower, or where there is skin to skin contact. The virus gets into the skin through a blister, cut, or some other type of opening. The HPV virus will create cellular growth which is uncontrolled. This results in a grainy type of bump which is rough, dry, and itchy on the surface of the skin.

Wart Types

The symptoms and causes of warts are usually the same but there are several different types of warts that you need to be aware of.

Common Wart

These will appear on the fingers, hands, and toes. They are usually flesh-colored, tan, white, or gray and they are referred to as common warts

Flat Wart

You may get a flat wart on the arms, thigh, or face. They are usually smaller than the common wart and the top is flat and not rounded like the common wart.

Genital Wart

Most warts are harmless but when you get a wart in the genital area this will usually raise the risk for different types of cancer. If you think you have genital warts you should make a trip to your doctor.

Plantar Wart

The bottom of the feet you can get what is called a plantar wart. This grows into the skin and you’ll get a small hole which is painful in the sole of the foot. These aren’t dangerous but they can be quite painful when you get them.

Filiform Wart

This type of wart looks like a skin tag and they are small and will appear around the nose, mouth, or the chin area. These are usually flesh-colored in their appearance.

Periungual Wart

Type of wart will appear under the fingernail or the toenail and they are very painful.

It Might not be a Wart

There are various conditions as well as viruses that can result in raised bumps on your skin so you may not have a wart. They can have you can symptoms and different causes and each bump may be difficult to diagnose on your own. If you have any sort of itchy bump on the skin this might be a wart but it might also be one of the following:

  • Acne – When an area of the skin that gets clogged with bacteria or dirt a pimple will form. These usually don’t itch but when they do they may be misdiagnosed as
  • Cold sore – Whenever you have the herpes simplex virus this will cause a cold sore. This is usually around the mouth area. A cold sore will heal two weeks while a wart can last a year or more
  • Skin Tag – You can get small painless girls of skin on the body which are called skin tags. These usually appear in areas where warts don’t tend to appear. common areas are the armpits and the eyelid area
  • Corn – When the skin is worn down by friction and constant pressure you may get an area of hardened skin which is called a corn. These are common on the soles of the feet and the toes
  • Mole – In some cases a mole can be harmful but they are usually benign. These are round growths of skin. They are often completely flat and it darker than a wart.

If you happen to have any sort of itchy skin or bump that you can’t explain then you should see your dermatologist or doctor diagnose the condition. This may be a wart or it might be something completely different. It should still be checked out especially if it appears out of nowhere and you don’t know what it is.

Home Treatment

Most warts will be harmless and overtime they will fade away on their own. If you have a wart that is itchy while it is healing their options that can give you some quick relief such as the following:

  • Have an oatmeal bath – Oatmeal is known to soothe irritated and itchy skin. You want to mix unflavored colloidal oatmeal which is oatmeal that is been very ground you mix this with warm water and create a paste and then apply this to the wort which will give you relief for itchy skin
  • Moisturizer – You can also use a mild moisturizer to help with the irritated and dry skin. You should keep the area dry and clean and apply a bit of a fragrance-free moisturizer to help soften and smooth out the skin
  • Over the Counter Medicines -You will find relief by using gels and creams that have pramoxine which is an anesthetic numbing agent. This can help soothe the itchy skin and the wart. You can find it this medication in your local drugstore. You can also buy hydrocortisone which is another over the counter medication which provides itching relief. You want to apply these directly onto the wart to remove the itchiness


Warts are often itchy but you can find relief for any wart that gives you problems. If the wart does not clear up or you find it is giving you more you should seek the advice of your physician to make sure the wart is not something else. You should also see your doctor if you have any sort of skin condition that comes out of the blue and you don’t know exactly what it is as the correct diagnosis can help treat the condition.

David Christian

David Christian studied Philosophy at Cardinal Glennon College in St. Louis, MO and served in the US Army. He is the Head Writer, Subject Matter Expert and Dr. Coordinator at warts.org. Find out more about David here.

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