Medications That Aid in The Removal of Warts

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Medicines That Help With Wart Removal

We sometimes get small painless growth on our skin. These growths are caused by a virus and we refer to them as warts. These are normally harmless but they can be embarrassing, disfiguring, and at times they may hurt or itch. You can get medications that are over the counter to remove warts or you can have them prescribed by a doctor. Here are the common types of medications that are used for wart removal.


Another name for this medication is Blenoxane, an intralesional bleomycin or bleomycin sulfate. This medication is an anti-cancer drug that is also used to remove warts. If previous work treatments have not been successful this medication is often given. If you have a wart that is difficult to remove by surgical methods then this medication can help. Sometimes a wart is in an area which is hard to reach and treat such as under the fingernail or if you have a mosaic plantar wart.

Intralesional bleomycin Produced by the bacterium Streptomyces verticillus and is an antibiotic. It inhibits DNA synthesis in our cells as well as in viruses. It breaks up DNA molecules and prevents cell replication. When you have HPV, which is the human papillomavirus, it infects our skin and causes the wart. When intralesional bleomycin is used it shops up the DNA and causes the wart to die. It’s also said that it targets the blood vessels that provide blood for the wart and cut them off.


Different species of blister beetle such as the Spanish Fly secrete a toxic chemical compound in nature called Cantharidin. When it is used in a deluded fashion it can be effective for wart removal. It is often called beetle juice. Often a wart will fade on its own but many patients want them off the body because a wart is embarrassing or it might be irritated or painful. In this case, Cantharidin can help.

Salicylic Acid

We refer to salicylic acid as a peeling agent or keratolytic. When you take it, it sheds the outer layer of your skin so it’s often used to treat acne, seborrhea, dandruff, corns, psoriasis, calluses, and as a treatment for warts. you can find many brands of this acid on the market.

Silver Nitrate

This natural compound is often used to treat infections. Grafco Silver Nitrate which is used on the skin can cauterize tissues that have been infected around a skin wound. If you have a minor skin wound it can also create a scab and help to stop bleeding. Silver nitrate is used to remove skin tags or warts but is not used to treat a genital wart.


Each gram of this will contain 218 mg of salicylic acid in an extended-release viricidal solution that creates a film. It consists of, n-Butyl acetate, acrylates copolymer, isopropyl alcohol, trimethyl pentenyl isobutyrate, and polyvinyl butyral. Since the salicylic acid, creates keratolytic activity it’s incorporated into a viricidal solution that creates a film and this film covers the wart so there is no need for bandaging.

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