Science is Fun – Hands on Science Projects & Resources

Hands On Science Projects

Exploring the amazing world of science with fun, hands-on projects is a smart way to make learning more meaningful and let students work at their own pace. Here are some resources for additional learning to reinforce basic concepts and open young minds to extended learning opportunities about a wide range of subjects and the scientific method. These are great educational tools geared toward elementary level students.

Exploratorium – make a mummy, telescope, and more

Learning Haven – how to make a volcano

Web-Weather for Kids – make a twister or fog in a jar, or how about lightning

Amusement Park Physics – design your own roller coaster and learn physics

Do Science – restaurant science activities

Jefferson Lab – measuring, engineering, mystery math

Space Grant – hands on astronomy project

Devil’s Postpile – make your own Devil’s Postpile

Kids Union – balloons on spool, blubber

California Science Center – make goo and other fun projects

Star Child – learning lessons for young astronomers

Science Net – color burst, floating eggs, making bubbles

Science Museum of MN – science of sound

Try Science – rocket pinwheel, soda explosion

Kinetic City – science experiments, games, activities

Whelmers – air cannon, fire sandwich, nickel karate

University of Georgia – wetlands, biodiversity, chemistry

Lunar Prospector – edible solar system

American Chemistry – elementary science

Sparklab – make your own yo-yo, wind turbine, skyscraper

Carroll County Public Library – Aha Science projects for all ages from toddlers and up

At Home Astronomy – make astrolabe or lunar settlement – you don’t get them from picking up frogs

Franklin Institute – hands on activities for K to grade 8

Wind is Energy – windy wizard, wind energy chart

NASA – rockets educator activities

Using interactive hands-on resources like online games and activities adds sensory stimulation to the learning experience for elementary students. Involving as many of the senses as possible reinforces learning and increases retention levels. This is play with a purpose at its best.

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