Common Skin Diseases

Common Diseases of the Skin

Common skin conditions are those that plague people of all ages, from children to adults. One of the more common conditions is acne, which causes small red bumps to appear on the face. Others suffer from excessively dry skin all over their body and oily patches of skin. There are also specific skin conditions such as psoriasis.

Resources on common skin conditions include:

Skin Conditions: discusses the treatment and symptoms of specific skin conditions.

What is Cellulite? : offers information on the skin problem known as cellulite.

The Inflammatory Skin Disease Institute provides photographs and information on skin conditions and diseases.

Acne: covers basic information relating to acne, including treatment options.

Dermatology: offers photographs and images of different skin conditions.

Introduction to Common Skin Rashes: lists the different types of skin rashes and their symptoms.

Common Skin Diseases of Children: provides information on the different types of skin conditions affecting kids.

Skin Rashes: allows users to diagnose their own skin condition by answering some basic questions.

Birthmarks: provides resources for those with birthmarks, including the treatment or covering of those marks.

Common Skin Problems: identifies the most basic skin problems and their symptoms.

Common Skin Problems from Sports: lists the problems and conditions of the skin caused by playing sports outside.

Eczema Net: offers information on what eczema is and how it’s treated.

Hives: covers the basic definition of hives and what causes the condition.

Dercum’s Disease: lists the symptoms and treatment of the disease.

Lichen Striatus: offers photographs and symptoms of the condition.

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome provides a basic explanation of this skin condition.

Boils and Carbuncles: discusses the symptoms, treatment, and prevention of these problems.

Children of the Moon: covers the basics of a condition known as xeroderma pigmentosum.

Warts FAQ: provides basic questions and answers on warts.

National Psoriasis Foundation: offers information on what psoriasis is and how it’s treated.

Rosacea Awareness Program provides information on the symptoms and treatment of Rosacea.

Types of Warts: Different types of warts are listed and explained such as genital warts, plantar warts, common warts and other types of warts.

Scabies: shows images of scabies on people of different ages.

Xanthomas: provides basic information relating to this skin condition.

Vitiligo: offers information on the treatment and symptoms of Vitiligo.

Swimmer’s Itch: covers the symptoms and how swimmer’s itch is treated.

Pemphigus Research: covers the latest research into this skin condition.

Poison Ivy FAQ : lists common questions and answers about poison ivy.

Melanoma Patients’ Information Page: offers basic support and information for those with melanoma.

American Hair Loss Association: provides information on why hair loss occurs and what can be done.

Head Lice: covers the basic facts relating to head lice.

About Lupus: offers the symptoms, treatment and other facts relating to Lupus.

Skin Cancer: gives basic facts about skin cancer.

Dry Skin: covers the causes and treatment of dry skin.

Erythematic Nodosum: offers images of this skin condition and facts.

Granuloma Annulare provides photographs and facts relating to the skin condition.

Interigo: covers the skin condition that takes on the appearance of a rash.

Skin Disease Information: provides information on all types of skin conditions.

Skin Health Center: allows users to diagnose their specific skin rash.

Skin Disease Finder: lists different skin conditions and has a diagnosing center.

The Skin Page covers major news relating to psoriasis.

There are hundreds of common skin conditions facing children and adults. These conditions aren’t often life-threatening, but in some cases, they can be very debilitating. Those with symptoms relating to one of these conditions should seek medical attention.

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