Can a Seed Wart be Pulled Out?

Should you have your Seed Wart Pulled out?

No. A seed wart is actually dried broken blood vessels giving the appearance that you have seeds in your wart. There is nothing to pull out and picking at or pulling will likely cause major irritation.

Seed Wart Removal

Since this type of wart is not a specific classification at all. Seed warts are usually used to describe the broken blood vessels in a plantar wart, flat wart or common wart. So, it’s generally on the thick bottom part of the feet or on the hands or fingers as with a common wart. For people looking for YouTube videos of how to remove them, looks at the specific type of wart instead (i.e. plantar) and how to fix that.

We have a full section on how to treat your warts both naturally and with the assistance of a medical professional.

Don’t try to pull out the seeds since they are in fact not seeds!

Colin Wadsworth, BN Nursing

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