101 Uses of Duct Tape

Duct Tape for Natural Wart Removal

This site is about warts, a various serious, subject. We cover extensively how duct tape is a great tool to cut off the oxygene to a wart and thereby kill it over time.

We wanted to offer you some other great uses for duct tape! Mind you, some of these are surely in jest!

Duct tape may be the most versatile item you can have in your toolkit. It’s cheap, easy to use, and comes in a variety of colors, including the ever-popular steel gray. Keep some on hand at all times, because you never know when you might find yourself in a tight predicament that calls for the use of this sticky, all-purpose wonder-tool.

Here are some of its many uses:

  1. Our favorite reason is that we use it in our duct tape wart removal method as a natural wart remover
  2. Pirate-style eye patch
  3. Get your mother-in-law to finally be quiet.
  4. Make it into a stylish envelope
  5. Patch broken pottery
  6. Cover a table with duct tape for a washable, sturdy, semi-permanent covering
  7. Mend broken eyeglasses
  8. Keep messy wires wrapped together and organized
  9. Fold in half, sticky sides together, cut in thin strips and use it to knit or crochet fashionable sweaters and vests.
  10. Use it to replace torn bookbinding.
  11. Fasten a diaper closed when the Velcro tab gets torn off
  12. Put a straight line of duct tape down on your floor—practice walking on it without falling off, to improve your balance.
  13. Stick it to the bottom of your chairs so they won’t mark up the floor.
  14. Cover an old jacket with duct tape to make it waterproof.
  15. Use it to hold plastic cups in place in the dishwasher so they don’t flip upside down and fill with mucky water.
  16. Use a strip of duct tape to add length to your child’s pants or skirts when they grow taller.
  17. Use a strip to mark off boundaries and territories in the car to keep fighting siblings separated.
  18. Cover the outside of a paper shopping bag with duct tape to make it sturdy and reusable.
  19. Tin Man costume
  20. Wad into a ball for a cat toy
  21. Make into a collar for your dog
  22. Form it into letters to teach your child the alphabet
  23. Wrap it around a wad of rags for a puppy chew toy
  24. Tape your covers to the outside of your bed so your partner stops stealing them
  25. Hold wounds together
  26. Make it into chess pieces for a one-of-a-kind chess set
  27. Cover your wheels to make unique hubcaps
  28. Frame a picture with it
  29. Use it to keep your socks from falling down
  30. When learning a foreign language, use it to label objects around your house in the new language
  31. Make matching book covers for all your books
  32. Hold your cell phone to your ear when driving–who needs a Bluetooth?
  33. Wrap it around your finger to help you remember something
  34. Cover up missing teeth
  35. Seal a chip bag closed
  36. Send it to Washington so they can use it to fix the economy
  37. Make it into a checkbook cover
  38. Hold shoes together when they start to fall apart
  39. Mark off a hopscotch court in your driveway
  40. Use it to replace a broken zipper
  41. Use the sticky side to remove lint and pet hair from clothing
  42. Play horseshoes by attempting to toss the rolls onto an upright post from a distance
  43. Attach cucumber, tomato, and bean vines to garden stakes
  44. Have a contest with your friends to see who can make a roll of duct tape roll the farthest distance
  45. Attach your license plate to your car when the screws fall out
  46. Duct tape your shotgun or rifle to the back window of your pick-up truck—no need for an expensive gun rack
  47. Use it to reinforce the knees on little boys’ pants
  48. When you’re out hunting and don’t have a pick-up truck, duct tape the deer to the hood of your car to bring it home
  49. Hang your stockings at Christmas with duct tape
  50. Use it to remove warts, studies show it works!
  51. Patch tears in your tent
  52. Attach Christmas ornaments to your Christmas tree
  53. Duct tape your knuckles to protect them in a fistfight
  54. When captured by aliens, trade a roll of duct tape for your freedom
  55. Use it to keep your lunch sack closed
  56. Duct tape your refrigerator closed when you’re on a diet
  57. Make faces on milk containers
  58. Make a utility belt
  59. Use it instead of toilet paper to roll someone’s yard
  60. Give it out to trick or treaters on Halloween
  61. Fashion it into a welcome mat for your front door.
  62. Wrap it around a bunch of wildflowers for a bouquet.
  63. Watchband
  64. Pocket protector
  65. Suspenders
  66. Remove unwanted body hair-Rip!
  67. Use it as fish bait—the fish will be attracted to its shiny surface
  68. Give yourself a tummy tuck with duct tape
  69. Use a short strip, folded with sticky side together, for a bookmark
  70. Set the roll on the floor of your car for a convenient cup holder.
  71. Patch your child’s plastic swimming pool
  72. Make a shower curtain
  73. Duct tape your bedroom window so it will be dark if you need to sleep during the day
  74. Patch a vacuum cleaner hose
  75. Patch your canoe or kayak
  76. Hang balloons or streamers from a chandelier
  77. Hang photos and memos in your cubicle
  78. Duct tape plastic on your car to cover a broken window
  79. Use red duct tape to patch a broken taillight
  80. Use as a rope to escape out a window
  81. In a pinch, for toilet paper. Hint—use the non-sticky side
  82. Replace torn webbing in a lawn chair
  83. Make it into a race track for toy cars
  84. Patch bullet holes in your fighter jet
  85. Robot costume
  86. Patch a water hose
  87. Use as a blindfold
  88. A remedy for when your eyebrows grow together
  89. Use reflective duct tape as a mirror
  90. Patch your roof
  91. Keep a lid on the trash can
  92. Cut it into strips and weave baskets
  93. Use it to cover an old clipboard. Why? I have no idea, but people do it
  94. Save it to use as a currency if civilization falls
  95. Tape logs together to make a raft
  96. Makes a great straightjacket
  97. Bind loose papers together into a booklet
  98. Make an armband to protest your pet peeve
  99. use it for a headband—your hair will definitely stay in place
  100. Homemade wedding bands—make a matched set.
  101. And perhaps the most surprising use of all—use it to work on your ducts!

Whether using duct tape for home improvement, pet care, or artistic creation, everyone will have to agree that duct tape is excellent stuff to have on hand. In all seriousness, the only thing we are really qualified to mention is the use of duct tape in removing warts!

David Christian

David Christian studied Philosophy at Cardinal Glennon College in St. Louis, MO and served in the US Army. He is the Head Writer, Subject Matter Expert and Dr. Coordinator at warts.org. Find out more about David here.

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